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In 2005The “Sozvezdie” National Foundation was established. Grants are awarded for best projects in the scientific, cultural and sport spheres. What is the aim of this project? Firstly, it is to ensure that talented people will have an opportunity to implement their own ideas. Secondly, to provide an opportunity for the continued development in such spheres as sport, culture and science on all the territory of the CIS member countries.

The "Sozvezdie" Foundation’s board chairman, Artak Tovmasyan says: "Potential receivers of these grants ("Sozvezdie" grants) are talented authors, who need financial support. But there are some well-off people as well who ready to make investments in corresponding projects. This is allowed after an objective estimation of proposed projects by qualified experts.

For this purpose a databank of intellectual property was created. The management of the "Sozvezdie" Fund has a long lasting and strong relationship with various companies from the USA and Switzerland. If they become interested in projects from the databank, then new opportunities for investment will become available. Project applications which we received by "Sozvezdie", are considered by three commissions. These include famous actors, producers, sports personalities etc.

Terms of participation in the competition may be found you can find on the official web site of the foundation:, and also from the coupon (page10) which are needs to be filled out and sent to: NF "Sozvezdie".
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