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    The tasks of fund 

    The basic purpose of fund is the implementation of the social programs of the development of national culture and sport in accordance with the federal laws "About the charitable activities and the charitable institutions" from 07.07.95 and "about the physical culture and the sport in the Russian Federation".

    The tasks of fund are association and coordination of the efforts of public unions and creative associations, and also key personnel in different branches of science, culture and sport and organs of authority for the purpose of support and development of science, culture and sport, demonstration through the concrete projects the potential and prospects for the development of data of directions, in the Russian Federation and other countries of the CIS.

    Objects and forms of the activity of fund are:
    • the support of specialists (including the number of gifted young national, students, and also inventors, discoveries, valuable artistic works) by means of the information input, the material encouragement, by other means and in other forms;
    • assistance to revival and to the development of the culture of Russia and other countries the CIS, to the restoration of the multinational historical and cultural traditions of nationals, to the revival of traditional and to the development of contemporary is specific national artistic creation, crafts, the skill of masters and skillful individuals; the organization of the activity of the workshops of applied skill, the creation of schools, studios in creative professions, the creation of the children's circles of different directions;
    • assistance to the exchange of cultural values by organization and conducting of exhibitions, festivals of culture, concerts and other mass cultural and entertaining measures, demonstrations of the best models of art(skill), ethnographical, cultural and everyday special features of population groups;
    • participation in organization and taking of sport measures, including at the international level;
    • assistance in the implementation of the educational - developing special professional and additional programs of formation, intellectual and physical development of young national, and also of children with the deficiencies in the development;
    • the gratuitous rendering of services to social directivity and psychological rehabilitation to the persons, injured as a result of military, ethnic and other conflicts, natural calamities, other extraordinary situations;
    • development, publication, circulation and the propagation of training- pedagogical, popular science, reference and information, propagandistic materials, of visual aids, inventory, complete sets of games on different form carriers;
    • the support of national of creation, which created the works of high artistic level, by means of the propagation of information, assignment to the possibility of demonstration (exhibition, concerts, creative evenings) and of propagation (printing, circulation, the release of audio and video recordings so forth.) on different form carriers;
    • development and the realization of projects, programs, procedures and directions, including on the basis of contemporary scientific knowledge in the region of culture, public health, public education, physical culture and sport for the therapeutic, educational and other organizations of humanitarian directivity and social protection;
    • creation, circulation and the propagation of printed, video- audio products, advertising and other materials, which propagandize the Russian traditions of patronage, which inform society about the contemporary charitable actions, which advertise the production of firms, which lead the active charitable, sponsor and investment activity, directed toward the formation from the children and the adolescents of the worthy citizens of Russia and CIS;
    • the establishment of the media, which act in accordance with purposes and tasks of fund, creation, production, circulation and the realization of special information and entertaining production on any form carriers;
    • establishment and the realization of connections and collaboration with the related organizations abroad in all directions of cultural and business connections, collaboration with the international humanitarian and charitable institutions and the funds, other organizations, noncommercial and commercial organizations for the solution of the problems of fund.
    • the realization of another charitable and socially directed activity, not forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    Within the framework of the tasks of fund "SOZVEZDIE" are achieved such projects as:

    • the creation of the permanent data bank of the intellectual property of Russia and countries of the CIS - scientists and inventors, who present different branches of science and national economy, their development and projects,
    • the data bank of unacknowledged talented works, with the instruction of their authors, and of talented executors, artists and etc,
    • the data bank of the unacknowledged salient sport achievements and of the national with the outstanding physical abilities, etc.,
    • organization "schools of courage"
    • assertion and the presentation of competitive nominations and allowances on the science, the culture and the sport,
    • the creation of its own programs of different thematics on the television and the radio, the publication of periodical.
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