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"Club Sozvezdie"

The “Club Sozvezdie” was created for active, successful and creative people, and constituents’ an invaluable part of our society. The participants include those from big business, and the executive and legislative branches of power.  This will provide an opportunity for those in the in the political walk of life to take part in the making of strategy for the development of country now and in the very near future.

The  “Club Sozvezdie” was created by the informative and analytical magazine "Sozvezdie. Science, Culture And Sport". "Sozvezdie” reports on analytical and popular scientific articles, and announces of the most meaningful cultural events.  Reviews of political and economic situations in the countries of CIS are covered in great detail.  In addition, every issue of the magazine, is dedicated one of the member countries CIS.

Every month it will be hosting assorted Cocktail Parties, and interesting meetings.All information about members and events will be published in the magazine and our web-site: 
Membership includes anyone who is belongs to the following categories; sportsmen, artists, executive officers, scientists, politicians, or businessmen.  

Membership Fee Structure 2007
Corporate “A”
Annual fee for companies                                  $ 1700
Corporate "B"                               
Annual fee for individuals                                   $ 1200

The Benefits of Membership.
The "Club Sozvezdie" offers a wide variety of value-added services and  benefits.
  • Your “Company Logo” will be posted on the official web-site "Sozvezdie"
  •  Free monthly subscription of the magazine.
  •  An article about your Company or about its CEO will appear in the magazine.
  •  You will receive a 20% discount for all services we may provide you.

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